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  • When you are prepared to lose everything,
    you will not be afraid to lose anything;
    very often, you will lose minimal thing,
    quite often, you will lose nothing.

  • I can only succeed if the people I bring with me do well or succeed.

  • I never train my people as followers; I train them to be my successors.

  • Fairness is not a design principle of our creator(s)... That's life.

  • Permanent head damage is not the result of a PhD but the cause of.

  • Writing up the doctoral thesis is like running the last part of SOC (Standard Obstacle Course) -- straightest but toughest.

  • Life is not about smooth-sailing but what you do and how you live with it when shit is thrown at you.

  • Pushing the frontiers of science is like smashing your head against a brick wall until the wall moves, or you die of bleeding. In either sense, your head will be permanently damaged and that is just what you will get -- Permanent head Damage.

  • Self-discipline is to choose play over work when it's time to play, and work over play when it's time to work.