Maurice Ling's Professional Portfolio - Teaching Portfolio

                    Student Feedback


Scores from Annual Student Feedback:
Year Overall Score
Academic Year 2009/2010 3.81 (3.56 to 4.21)
Academic Year 2008/2009 4.04

Final Year Project:

  • devote a lot of time with his students ... till as late as 9pm

  • bringing his students to their fullest potential.

  • work closely with students ... make me want to focus and try my best.

  • enable me to think more and looking at all angles of the problem.

  • learnt a lot of stuffs.

  • knowledgeable, willing to share

WWW Bioinformatics:

  • He is a lecturer that always interact with his students. He makes lectures easy to understand and brings in knowledge and concepts from other modules into his module.
  • He is very knowledgeable.

Basic Microbiology:

  • He is rather humourous and helpful. Explains the correct answer very clearly.
  • He is very nice and gives us interesting facts on how particular bacteria can be cured.
  • He teach the module well. He is able to explain well and give examples.
  • Mr Ling manages his lessons well so it's easy to understand what he is teaching. He is also open for discussions.
  • Incorporate the lectures into our daily life so as to convince us the significance of studying microbiology.
  • Mr. Maurice always shares with us his personal experiences, like what he saw, thought in his life related to the course. Attending his lessons was interesting because of his "stories".

Cell Division and Apoptosis:

  • Present case studies on cancer as I really find this topic very interesting and useful
  • Thank you for your good teaching & approaching to students also very nice
  • This module make me refresh my previous knowledge this portion and interesting to me