Maurice Ling's Professional Portfolio - Teaching Portfolio

                    Personal Professional Development

September 2009: Third International Symposium on Advances in Technology Education. This is a 2-day conference on the different paradigms used in technical education but there is also certain overlaps with CDIO. This conference reinforces the need to assist students to link up various domain knowledge towards an integrated whole.

September 2009: Eighth International Conference on Bioinformatics and Singapore Symposium on Bioinformatics. Singapore Symposium on Bioinformatics is one the satellite conferences under InCoB. Together, it ran for 3 days, giving a wide variety of research highlights in bioinformatics. At the same time, I presented a paper in InCoB.

June 2009: Fifth International CDIO Conference. This is a 3-day conference discussing the concepts and applications of CDIO (conceive-design-implement-operate) in many areas, mainly in engineering courses. Personally, I find the concepts of CDIO natural to science, in the form of hypothesis-experimental design-experimentation-analysis suggesting that scientific education may benefit from this engineering concept. At the very least, it provides biologists with another means to communicate with engineers.

September 2008: Design knowledge construction activities using BB blogs and wikis. This is a 2-hour workshop focusing on blogs and wikis in BlackBoard (BB). It gives me a few new ways to use BB for teaching and I can see how I can incorporate it into my microbiology and bioinformatics classes.

April 2008 to February 2009: Certificate in Teaching. This course (CT) is a required 168-hour for all new academics in Singapore Polytechnic to provide a foundation for my teaching career. It states clearly that lecturing is a dual profession - a deliverer of knowledge (teaching part) and as a subject matter expert. This teaching portfolio is the main deliverable of CT and I think it is a good thing despite the amount of work put into preparing it. I think CT provides the theoretical foundations to much of the things we do in class.