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I am currently or had been involved in the following research-related activities:

Editorial and Publishing:

As the organiser of a nation wide programming language conference in India, I know every aspect of the whole process. Maurice and his colleagues did an incredible job organising the first PyCon in the APAC region. Everything from the quality of presentations, the organisation of the venue, the contacts made from other APAC countries were flawless. His attention to detail and strict control of the proposals submitted were instrumental in making the conference as high quality as it was.
-- Noufal Ibrahim, Organiser, PyCon India

Maurice has been an invaluable member of the editorial board at The Python Papers. He has both helped me complete specific tasks which I have assigned and also taken ownership of high-level tasks and worked on them to completion. Specifically, he has done a lot of the work which relates to the academic content of The Python Papers. Without him this would not have been achievable. He is a diligent worker, and a valued colleague.
-- Tennessee Leeuwenburg, Editor-In-Chief, The Python Papers (June 19, 2007)

  • Publishing Member (2003), First Australian Undergraduate Students' Computing Conference (ISBN 0646427512)

I worked with Maurice in establishing and organising the Australian Undergraduate Students' Computing Conference, one of the first conferences of its kind in promoting undergraduate IT research. Maurice brings a powerful combination of professionalism, creativity and energy to his role in bringing together AUSCC and creating success in its inaugural year. He also played a very important role in laying down a solid foundation for AUSCC move forward and driving its success in the years to come.
-- Mark Shen, Finance Officer, Australian Undergraduate Students' Computing Conference 2003 (April 17, 2008)

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