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Bangkok/Ayutthaya Trip (December 2011)

SP-CLS Dinner and Dance (2011)

My Farewell Dinner with my FYP/SP Kids (19 December 2010)

Grampians with family (August 2010)

Great Ocean Road with family (August 2010)

Ph.D. Convocation @ University of Melbourne (August 2010)

Bangkok Trip (December 2009)

Bald for Charity (2009)

BBQ at East Coast Park (DBT 1B22 of 2009)

SP Graduation (May 2009)

Bangkok Trip (December 2008)

Sentosa Outing (DBT 1B23 of 2008)

SP-CLS Dinner and Dance (2008)

SP-CLS Graduation Party (2008)

My First Class in SP (DBT 3A01 of 2008)

Lobster Cave (March 2008)

University College's Commencement Dinner 2008

Trip to Taipei (Photos solely from Hua Lian) in January 2007

University College's Valedictory Dinner 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival (2006)

Trip to Tokyo/Tsurouka visiting Keio University (February 2006)

Trip to Taipei for Asia-Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (February 2006)

CRC Meeting (July 2005)

25th Lorne Genomic Conference (February 2004)

Mum + Melvin's visit to Melbourne (December 2003)

Puffing Billy with Mum + Melvin (December 2003)

BSc Convocation @ University of Melbourne (December 2003)

Great Ocean Road trip with Mum + Melvin (December 2003)

Inaugural Australian Undergraduate Students' Computing Conference (2003)

Wilsons Promonitory (November 2003)

Sydney Trip (September 2003)

Great Ocean Road trip with Rachel Tay (July 2003)

Joly's Birthday (April 2003)

Melbourne Zoo Trip (2003)

InterFlora (2003)

My Birthday (March 2003)

Melbourne F1 Grand Prix (March 2003)

Mid-Autumn Festival (September 2002)

Royal Melbourne Show (September 2002)

University of Melbourne (July 2002)

Wollongong and Sydney Trip (July 2002)

Leaving for Melbourne (July 2002)

Poly FYP Exhibition (April 1999)

Lina's Birthday (February 1999)

Poly 50 Run (1998)